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What to do if you are arrested

justice.jpg The best way to describe what you should do if you are arrested is to list the things you should absolutely NOT DO.

1. DO NOT run.

2. DO NOT try to convince the police that you are innocent. It is their job to arrest you, not be the Judge in your case.

3. DO NOT say anything other than your name and that you request to speak to an attorney. Especially do not get smart with the police.

4. DO NOT give permission to search anything. Do not invite the police into your home. Do not ask to go back into your home to get anything or make a call. They will accompany you and search everything along the way. Do not accept any offers from them to secure your car.

5. DO NOT resist the arrest - even a little push could be considered assulting an officer.

6. DO NOT let the police convince you that you should make a statement. The police are allowed to lie to you in order to get you to admit something that may incriminate you.

You SHOULD contact an attorney as soon as possible to discuss your rights and the charges filed against you.

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